Tee Guard and Launcher Tee
Newsletter for April 2007

Company Profile

 Corporate Golf GiftsInventor - Aerospace Engineer and Scratch Golfer.
Tee Guard - became official in May of 2006

Pro Launcher Tee and Launcher II - released early September 2006
(PGA West Merchandising Show)

Launcher Tee P3 and G4 - released January 2007
(PGA Orlando Merchandising Show)

Update on Packaging

Our Graphics are 100% complete. What is shown on the left - is close to what the finished product looks like. We are happy that in our first week, we received close to 3000 orders for the 4 pack. Many of our key distributors will now begin the process of presenting Launcher into the RETAIL stores. No one has a 4 pack like ours!

Here are a few recent testimonials:

"I was recently in New Zealand for a number of PGA Senior Tournaments and at one tournament, was fortunate enough to be given a couple of the Launcher Tees. What a fabulous creation.

I am hoping you can tell me where I can purchaser them here in Australia. I am located on the Gold Coast, Queensland but would be happy to track them down almost anywhere. Look forward to hearing from you soon."

"I was playing golf today and about the 9th hole, I lost my launcher tee.  Using a wooden tee, I wasn't hitting the ball as far or as straight.  I am sold on this tee.  I can't wait to get the 12 I ordered a couple days ago.   I think that I could be a representative for the Launcher Tee.  I know that they do what the pamphlet says they will do for the golfer. "      

Jet (Lady Golfer)

"From one of our Key Rep's Todd Bowman: I had a pro call me this week from Charleston that used a tee I gave him in a tournament recently. He won! He was so stoked about the performance of the tee."

Personalized Launcher Tee's

We receive numerous requests each day for printed tee's. Both Launcher Tee and Tee Guard have the real estate for high quality printing. This is ideal for Businesses / Corporations and of course Golf Tournaments. Especially since Launcher is "The High Performance Golf Tee"


PGA Professionals and or Celebrities that are apart of Tournaments, also find the real estate to be of great quality, in there writing their name on Launcher Tee or Tee Guard.

Launcher 19th Hole News:

Long Drive Contest

Launcher is proud to be apart of two winning Long Drive Contests.

PGA News

Champions Player and 10 Time PGA winner Mark McCumber is using our Pro Launcher and Launcher P3! Note: We are not endorsing players, and only when permission has been given, will we name a player. We are happy to announce that other PGA / Nationwide and other professional tour players are becoming acquainted with Launcher Tee and as we are given permission, we will name other players.

Golf Plex Learning Center

This state of the art Training Facility is located in Jacksonville, Florida. www.thegolfplexlearningcenter.com, is selling only our Launcher Tee! We are very proud to be working with them.

Sports Teams

Options for custom color Launchers are plentiful, such as the University of Florida -with Gator Orange and Gator Blue for text.

Pink Launchers

We will have Pink Launchers in 3 weeks! Ideal for Ladies or For Breast Cancer Tournaments, these can be ordered now!

Our philosophy has been and will always be - the top Player will use Launcher Tee, it simply takes time to get the Tee into 'everyone's hands', but Launcher is spreading, and we certainly appreciate the Media Writers, Corporate Heads, and all Golf Enthusiasts for your input and support!

Until next month!
Scott Zeida
Marketing and Media Director
E-mail: scott@teeguard.com
Phone: 360-618-3482



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