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LAG- A long putt which, because of itís length, the putter does not expect to make but hopes to get close to the cup, usually leaving it a bit short. A good lag putt positions the golfer to have an easy follow up putt.

LIE- This word has two meanings. The first is simply where the ball sits. A golfer's lie is the location of the ball at rest. The second is the number of strokes it took the ball to get to where it sits.

MARK- To put down a ballmarker so one is able to place the ball precisely in itís original location after lifting

MULLIGAN- This is allowing a golfer to take a second shot without counting the first stroke. Mulligans are most commonly played on the first tee, or played as one mulligan per nine holes.

NASSAU- A bet on the golf course meaning that there is a winner for low score after nine holes a winner for low score on the second nine holes and an over all winner who has a combined low score. The Nassau is one of the most popular golf tournament formats and golf bets.

NINETEENTH HOLE- Another term for the clubhouse or the bar at the clubhouse

ONE CLUB- A golf tournament or game where all the players play with just one club. The club can be specified but is usually left up to each player.

OVERALL WEIGHT- The weight of a golf club including the clubhead, shaft and grip. Also called dead weight and swing weight.

PATH (Swing-plane)- The direction that the clubhead travels during the during the golfer's swing. Usually described in relation to the target line.

PENALTY STROKE- An additional stroke which is added to a golfers score for a violation of rules, going out of bounds, losing a ball or other situations.

QUACKER- A shot that curves abruptly and severely right to left.

QUIT- It refers to someone who has stopped playing and is either walking without taking any shots for the rest of the round or is used to describe the phenomenon where a player either decelerates through contact or does not complete their follow through.

RECOVERY- A shot that is taken to get oneself out of a difficult situation such as sand traps, weeds, rough, trees or even mental stress.

ROUND- A completed 18 holes of golf or the score that is recorded for the 18 holes. It can be applied to 9 holes as well.

SANDY- When the ball is shot out of the sand and sinks the following putt.

SLICE- A type of shot in which the ball curves in the shape of a banana. It starts out to the left of the target and then bends dramatically back to the right of the target (the opposite for left-handed golfers). A slice is rarely played intentionally, and is the most common mistake of amateur golfers.

TEE SHOT- The shot resulting from striking the ball off of the tee. The first shot of any golf hole.

THIN- A shot where the clubhead strikes the ball too high, often resulting in a low, sometimes slicing shot that can travel a long distance.

UNDULATION- A wavy contour in the ground, usually thought of mainly in terms of the putting green surfaces and fairways.

UP AND DOWN- To put the ball into the hole in two strokes with the first one taking place from off of the green. In particular when getting the ball in the hole within two strokes will result in the player making par. It can be looked at this way: the first stroke was up onto the green; the second stroke was down into the cup.

VARDON GRIP- The grip while holding the club that is most popular among professional golfers. The pinky of the lower hand rests on the index finger or between the index finger and the middle finger of the upper hand. It is named after historic player Harry Vardon who introduced the method to the golfing public.

VERTICLE ROLL- The curve of the face of a wood or metal wood

WAGGLE- The movement of a player and the golf club prior to or during the address position. A waggle is specific to each golfer and may involve the back and forth movement of the club head in an attempt to get comfortable or stay loose prior to making the anticipated shot. It can be a nervous habit, or it can be an intentional movement to help the golfer trigger the swing or achieve the tempo they are looking for.

WORMBURNER- A golf shot that never gets more than a few feet off the ground. A shot that is scorched and might even roll a distance but which travels along or just above the ground.

X- When a score on a particular hole cannot be accurately determined an X is recorded on the scorecard.

X FACTOR- The difference in the amount of rotation between the shoulders and hips

YARDAGE- The distance measured in yards. An example of this could be the yardage markers on some golf courses on all applicable sprinkler heads.

YIPS- An nervous affliction to the muscles at the most inopportune time in a golf swing or putt. This takes the form of jerking the putt to one side or pushing the putt to the other. It's generally felt by the golfer as a nerve-tingling experience in which he or she feels unable to be steady over the ball.

ZINGER- A shot that takes off from the head of the club and flies toward the target reminding one of a line drive in baseball.

ZOYSIA- Creeping, wiry grass, often used in warm, dry regions

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