March 15, 2007

Re: Launcher Tee and Tee Guard Media Release Information

Dear Media and or Marketing Representative:

First of all, appreciate your taking the time to look at our product, and we are excited to tell you about our new High Performance Golf Tee. What we have in Launcher Tee is a golf tee that does provide an edge. They have figured out how to create high performance golf balls, clubs, and now we have a high performance tee. So combining Club, Ball and now Tee - you will now be hitting your longest drives, off the tee ever! (please refer to the Golf Labs Inc. test results at

Here are the 3 key points regarding our Launcher Tee Series:

  1. High Performance Tee - independently tested....proven to be straighter and longer drives!
  2. Virtually Unbreakable - the technically advanced composite...will last and last!
  3. Marketing - It can accept and hold a company name, phone number, logo. (we can handle foreign languages! Personalization will look good with either pad printing or in raised lettering.

Launcher Tee II - is designed for attaining a perfect repeatable ball height for all 360cc-460cc drivers. This promotes the 'tee it high, and let if fly' for greater distance. As all test results have shown, teeing it higher promotes longer drives.

Launcher P3 - For use on all Par 3's or Tee off on any hole with 3-7 wood or Hybrid Club.

Launcher G4 - For Par 3's, designed with a limit stop for a 'perfect repeatable ball height' to ensure hitting the irons Sweet Spot...Groove 4!

All are USGA and R & A conforming to the Rules of Golf. So they are tournament ready!

We have PGA Touring Professionals who are using our tee. Our official release for Launcher tee was on September 15, 2006. So in a short time, our high performance product is reaching the Tour Professionals.

One of the key elements is that technology has finally reached the Tee! We have the best hitting surface available, and this does indeed improve a golf shot, giving it the optimum performance. Our Aero Space Engineer came up with the shape and the composite material, to form Launcher Tee.

Below are a few media items that have been done in behalf of Launcher Tee:

  1. Video interview form Golf Week

  2. Online article from the Golf Channel:

    Still a Show Even for the Little Guys - from Writer: Brian Koressel

    1/27/2007 ORLANDO, Fla. -- You would guess that with this being the 54th PGA Merchandise Show, there couldn't possibly be anymore new golf stuff making its way into the market. Launcher Tee...This hybrid-type tee is made from a semi-soft composite and features a 36 percent smaller 'ball seat' area than a regular wooden tee. So? So, it translates to less resistance and friction from the driver, and ideally longer drives off the tee. And maybe the biggest bonus is its durability - no more grabbing a new tee out of your bag after every hole. Or better yet, give one to that annoying partner of your's who is seemingly always asking for one on every tee box.

  3. We are the official Tee Sponsor for the Manhattan Golf Classic.

    Visit - We are proud to be the Tee Sponsor for last year's event, and are honored to be the only tee sponsor/provider for this year's event. (note due to the new Fed Ex Cup playoff, the date may slide to spring of 2008, a set date will be announced in mid-April of 2007. Our tee is the tee of choice for this celebrity/corporate event.   If anyone wants information on attending, sponsorship, please contact me.  

Other Launcher Tee News:

One final item - this was a great e-mail sent to me by Editor of Georgia Fairways - we had no idea he was going to write such a great e-mail on his impressions of Launcher:


Okay... I have to admit, I was a little skeptical about using another one of these golf tee inventions! It seems that tees were the all the rage at the PGA Show.  I felt like every time I turned around someone was handing me a new golf tee! So, I played a few weeks ago using the Launcher Tee.  I was hitting drives further and straighter but really didn't attribute it to the tee.  A few days later, I played a second round with the same results, longer, straighter tee shots.  I thought to myself, could it be the tee?  So, I went to the range the next day....I marked a wooden tee (from the top) the same height as the Launcher Tee to insure that the ball was teed the same.  After hitting several balls with both tees, it became ever apparent that the Launcher Tee was the reason for my improved driving of the golf ball. Should I have ever doubted you?

I played a round, a couple days ago, the results continue to be the same... longer, straighter drives! Please send me a handful... I would hate to lose this one and be without a back-up! I am going to do a product review on the tee - this will be a first, as many tee companies have tried and failed - in a couple months.  I want to let the weather improve before we run a story.

Philip Herterick, Editor
Georgia Fairways Magazine - On Demand!
Off/Fax  770.995.2520

Tee Guard: It is not a high performance golf tee, but has very appealing marketing qualities. Especially white Tee Guards that are loaded with a blue, red, green colored tee. They look really good in packaging, containers, etc. For a golfer who insists on hitting on a wooden tee, this certainly provides a fine option. Cleaner Tee Boxes for sure! Senior Golfers and Lady Golfers in particular are attracted to Tee Guard.

Final Summary: I cannot over emphasize enough the superiority of our Launcher Tee.  It is brand new to the golfing world, and we are pleased to have you show an interest in our performance tee - Launcher Tee! If you would like information regarding Tee Guard, please contact me for further details.  

Scott Zeida
Marketing and Media Director
Phone: 360-618-3482
Fax: 360-925-2834


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