Nicklaus Premium Golf Equipment is all about living up to the name and the standards set by the greatest golfer ever to play the game.

We were extremely excited to have the opportunity to test out the new Dual Point driver that made it onto Golf Digest's "Hot List" for 2007. There was plenty of hype! So, the burning question was whether the Dual Point would live up to expectations.

The Dual Point 460cc forged titanium driver is the work of Clay Long, Chief Designer for Nicklaus Premium Golf Equipment, who has worked with Jack for the past 25 years understanding his vision, passion and great integrity for not only the game but his products. Ultimately, it's Jack's name that is behind the product but Long that leads a design team that works particularly hard on every little detail to ensure the highest in quality and performance.

The Dual Point 460cc forged titanium driver is part of the premium line of products that a player of any skill level will find will perform well for him. The Dual Point driver comes standard with a graphite shaft by Fujikura, one of the hottest brands in golf, which was co-developed with Nicklaus Golf. However, our test driver was matched with the UST ProForce V2, which is one of 3 custom shaft offerings.

When you put this driver in your hand it feels like a driver should feel... well-balanced, solid; you just feel at ease, confident!

We teed up a golf ball on a new Launcher Tee from Tee Guard. First, we rarely mention other products in our reviews but the Launcher Tee and Dual Point driver are a perfect marriage of driver and tee working in complete harmony. The Launcher Tee is just what the name implies - a composite tee that just launches the ball! From the first drive with the Dual Point right through a dozen rounds, we were blown away as we continually "launched" some of the longest; straightest drives ever. And, we've tested some of the best drivers!

Why is this club so good? Long says, "as long as we pay attention, have good engineering and good physics behind our designs, the clubs are going to perform well. It's a matter of physics when a golf club propels a golf ball in the manner in which a player expects to be hit." And, believe us, this clubs outperformed the expectations!

Okay, the technical stuff behind the performance.

The Dual Point 460cc forged titanium head's "CG" (Center of Gravity) is aligned with optimal face flex point for maximum trampoline effect and a 14-gram weight plug positioned low and deep in the clubhead to allow for more power at impact. It has a multi-layered face that is thinner (2.7mm) around the perimeter and thicker (2.9mm) in the center, expanding the clubhead's "high trampoline zone". And, the process of Micro Welding creates an ultra-durable construction at half the weight of traditional welding.

What does all that really mean? Hey, it does take a rocket scientist to understand that all that technical matter just helps us golfers get that extra distance off the tee!

How much distance... let's just say that Par 5's are now a bit easier to go for it two! And, the Par 4's seem shorter, too! No complaints either way!

Dual Point drivers are just one of the many quality equipment offerings available from Nicklaus Premium Golf Equipment including fairway woods, irons as well as the Dual Point Hybryids, which we found to be as equally impressive as the driver. The Dual Point drivers are available in RH lofts of 8, 9, 10.5 and 12 degrees; Offset lofts of 10.5, 12 and 15 degrees; and LH lofts of 9 and 10.5 degrees.

We highly recommend you try one of these drivers for yourself and start launching some the longest, straightest drives for yourself.

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