Launcher Tee IITM

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This version has all the fine attributes of Launcher Tee in addition to the benefit of a repeatable perfect ball height. This was mathematically formulated for all 360cc - 460cc drivers. It is achieved by a molded in limit stop, regulating the distance that the tee penetrates the ground.

Launcher Tee II is just what the name implies: a tee that "just launches the ball!"

Launcher Tee features a ball nest area that is 33% smaller than a regular tee's. This translates to less friction, less resistance, and more distance off the tee!

We have designed Launcher Tee with a modern soft composite, which gives it the perfect flex and causes less friction and resistance than wooden tees.

Modern composites provide greater durability. Launcher Tee will last a very, very long time. (We will put one Launcher Tee up to a whole bag of wooden tees anytime!)

Launcher Tee was designed with two high-visibility colors: white and yellow. This makes them difficult to lose. They will be easy to spot on a tee box.

Your advertising on Launcher Tee will last a very long time and stand out on our yellow or white material colors. (Custom colors are available.) Launcher Tee is a superior advertising vehicle.

Increased distance off the tee gives you an edge. Launcher Tee provides that edge!

With Launcher Tee's extreme distance and durability, it is without a doubt the best tee on the market today!


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