The Tee-Guard Story

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When I went to the bigger sized drivers, and the longer tee's. I noticed two things:

Much Longer Drives and
The Longer Tee's broke too easily

A longer Drive is great, but a tee that doesn't last is unacceptable.

The challenge then was to come up with a Tee-Guard so as to extend the wood tee's lifespan, but in no way change or alter the ball flight. All the characteristics of playing with a wood tee would have to remain the same. Tee-Guard would have to be light, durable, withstand high impact, and be highly visible. The golf tee would have to be easy to insert and easy to extract. Another challenge, is that Tee-Guard would have to lock the tee in place and not be ejecting with impact. This was the most difficult of all the challenges.

Therefore with these goals in mind, the engineering and testing began. Though it may seem simple, the actual process took many months, with successes and failures, but the goal has been achieved and surpassed. So, it does not matter if you are a beginner or seasoned player, man, woman, Junior or Senior golfer, Tee-Guard will work for you! It is my pleasure and honor to now present Tee-Guard to the golfing world. Instead of your tee lasting 4-6 holes, how about 4-6 rounds and more.


Burt Ceruti


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