What is Tee-Guard?

Tee Guard  Wooden Golf TeesIn short, it is just what the name implies. It is a devise made of modern composites that will guard a wooden tee. Tee usage is extended dramatically, and keeps the same playing characteristics of the traditional wooden tee. It comes in two high visibility colors; White and Yellow. Tee Guard will be very hard to lose.

Tee-Guard comes in two lengths, fitting tee's from 2.5" long through 3.5" long. This is over 90% of the tee lengths manufactured for 360cc - 460cc Drivers.

Tee's will not eject from Tee Guard upon impact. This is achieved through our priority, "internal locking fins". These locking fins allow for easy insertion and extraction, which is another plus for Tee-Guard. Since Tee Shank diameters are different from one tee to the next, Tee-Guard was designed to accept and lock onto Tee's ranging from .160 through .180 shank diameter. Again over 90% of the tee's manufactured, fall into this range.

Tee-Guard is made from a modern composite blend, that strengthens with moisture. In other words, the more you use it, the stronger it gets!

Other minor benefits:

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