Launcher Tee Test Results

(Testing was done by Golf Laboratories, Inc.)

All results below are based on comparative statistics chosen from (4) Robotic Tests (2) Tests-Launcher Tee (8) Drive Avg (2) Tests-Wooden Tee (8) Drive Avg

Tees Tested:

Wooden Tee

- VS -

Launcher Tee

Standard 2-3/4”

3” Modern Composites

Test Equipment:


Club: Nike

Temp: 86 deg

Head: 9.5 deg SQ

Wind: Light to Moderate

Shaft: ProForce 85 Gold

Humidity: 56%

Swg Wt: D-2.75

Cond: Cloudy & Warm


Wooden Tee

Launcher Tee


Average 8 Drives (ea)  

Ball Speed

144.89 (mph)

146.21 (mph)

Launch Angle

11.13 (deg)

12.21 (deg)


3552 (rpm)

3190 (rpm)

Flight Data

Average 8 Drives (ea)  

Max Height

80.09 (ft)

86.20 (ft)

Flight Time

5.93 (sec)

6.07 (sec)

Carry Distance

234.63 (yds)

238.88 (yds)

Roll Distance

22 (yds)

25.75 (yds)

Total Distance

256.63 (yds)

264.63 (yds)


  1. Launcher Tees Ball Speed was an increase of 1.32mph faster off the tee.
  2. There was an increased Launch Angle of 1.08 degrees.
  3. The ball Spin off Launcher Tee was 362 RPM's less then the standard wooden tee.
  4. Due to our achieved higher launch angle and increased ball speed the apex of the ball flight was higher (6.11ft). This also resulted in an increased flight time.
  5. The 8 shot average also showed an increased Carry Distance of 12.75ft and a Roll Distance of 11.25ft over the wooden tee.
  6. Test results proved that Launcher Tee adds a Total Drive Distance of 24ft (8 yds) over the standard wooden tee.

When you add Launcher Tees Maximum Performance with its Unmatched Durability it's no wonder why many have concluded that Launcher Tee is overall the best tee available on the market today!

Launcher Tee "the ball just launches"
with USGA and R&A Rules of Golf



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