Launcher Tee Testimonials

Stevens, Joe

"This tee is awesome!  And I am traditionalist when it comes to tees.

The ball seems to fly higher land on the green softer...Just a solid all around golf tee"

Note: Joe won local tournament, using Launcher Tee!


Okay... I have to admit, I was a little skeptical about using another one of these golf tee inventions!

It seems that tees were the all the rage at the PGA Show. I felt like every time I turned around someone was handing me a new golf tee!

So, I played a few weeks ago using the Launcher Tee. I was hitting drives further and straighter but really didn't attribute it to the tee. A few days later, I played a second round with the same results, longer, straighter tee shots. I thought to myself, could it be the tee? So, i went to the range the next day....

I marked a wooden tee (from the top) the same height as the Launcher Tee to insure that the ball was teed the same. After hitting several balls with both tees, it became ever apparent that the Launcher Tee was the reason for my improved driving of the golf ball.

Should I have ever doubted you?

I played a round, a couple days ago, the results continue to be the same...longer, straighter drives! Please send me a handful... I would hate to lose this one and be without a back-up!"

"I just reurned from a FAM trip in Florida. One of our group was an excellent golfer. He laughed at me becuse I kept looking for my 'launcher' tee after most every tee shot. I explained that it was a special tee that gave me an extra 5 yards off the tee and kept the ball in the fairways. He laughed!

On the second day, I gave him a Launcher tee and said use this today on every other drive and tell me that you don't drive the ball further... he laughed but took the tee. At the end of the round, he walked into the clubhouse, came over to me, and said "you are right, I'm sorry I laughed at you! I let him keep the tee and he said he would contact you about the tee."

Jet Fowler

" Scott, I will have to say "ditto" to the testimony for the launcher tee.  I was playing golf today and about the 9th hole, I lost my launcher tee.  Using a wooden tee, I wasn't hitting the ball as far or as straight.  I am sold on this tee.  I can't wait to get the 12 I ordered a couple days ago.  I also sent you a check for that order.  I think that I could be a representative for the Launcher Tee.  I know  that they do what the pamplet says they will do for the golfer. 


" Hi Scott, I was recently in New Zealand for a number of PGA Senior Tournaments and at one tournament, was fortunate enough to be given a couple of the Launcher Tees. What a fabulous creation.

I am hoping you can tell me where I can purchaser them here in Australia. I am located on the Gold Coast, Queensland but would be happy to track them down almost anywhere.

If you don't have a distribution outlet already in Australia, maybe that is also something we could talk about. Look forward to hearing from you soon."

Neil Wall
PGA Australia

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