Search Engine Positioning

Many of our clients have spent countless marketing dollars with little success. We believe in the power of the Internet because we have seen the impact it has had on our clients who understand that high-ranking placement in Search Engines gives the best return of your marketing dollar in the industry today.

It's simple: If the searches that your prospective customers conduct bring up your listing in the top results of a Search Engine, they quickly learn that your company is one of the top in your field.

Search is the most popular activity online second only to e-mail.

It's been said that a website without a way for people to find it is like posting your print ad on a telephone pole and hoping that everyone sees it.

We are waging digital battles on the net for the best Search Engine Positioning of our clients' websites based on certain key phrases. It involves reconnaissance, strategy, and analysis to best place your website. The battle is not short in duration, nor is it inexpensive; however, it is worthwhile for those seeking new business opportunities. They understand the value of quality marketing, and realize that effective marketing dollars spent grow their business.

Our advertising consultation provides demographic profiling of your area to determine proper advertising vehicles for your target market. Image consulting provides you with vital feedback on your personal image as well as the projection of your business to the public.

Once a site is developed, most clients expect it to show up immediately in the Search Engines. The truth is that simply submitting your site to Search Engines rarely gets results. We use special software, optimize for specific 'key phrases' and professionally submit your site. We've found that this 3 step process is essential in getting your site listed in all the right places.

Our local campaign package is designed to get your website listed in even more search engines. We deliver results that reach and maintain your strategic goals.

Our global campaign is more exclusive than the local campaign and requires more effort to achieve results. We focus on up to 10 specific, non-geographical key phrases and move your business into the top 30 listings for these. We guarantee exclusivity for your specific key phrases during the time of your campaign of Search Engine Positioning.

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